The Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity is a universal law that states that all laws must “reciprocate” mutually with each other. In other words, all universal laws must cooperate with each other for their own (and our) mutual benefit and for the greater good of nature.

This law describes one of the main reasons why you can’t creatively manifest totally and properly by using only one or two universal laws (i.e. law of attraction, & vibration) You must learn how to utilize and integrate them all for maximum results, because they are all interconnected through the law of reciprocity.

The law of reciprocity is the “connector” or glue for all of the universal laws.  Trying to manifest changes in your life using only one or two universal laws is like trying to operate a car using only the engine and the brakes! You also need the transmission, tires, steering wheel, etc. etc.

There’s not much you need to do personallly to impliment or utilize this law.  It’s a “freebie!” Just being aware that it’s there and understanding how and why it works, is all that is needed. 

The law of reciprocity creates, or is the reason for the synergy that is needed to make the laws cooperate together to make your dreams come true. It comes from the word reciprocate, which means to “give and take,” or to interchange.

If you’ll notice, the word reciprocate also means “working together.” Most universal laws have one theme in common, besides the underlying glue of love and that is: “Harmony.” The word “reciprocate” and harmony go hand in hand.

So, be aware that the knowledge of the interworkings of all universal laws are needed for the reality of a balanced, happy life and for creative manifestation to happen.

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The 15 Universal Laws

There are various websites that list differing amounts and different explanations of what Universal Laws are. Some experts say that there are only three, (3) while others say that there are twenty (20) or more.

I’m going to tick-off a lot of Marketers by offering this information for free, because they are charging and getting a pretty penny, (and rightfully so!) for this type of life-changing info.

But, since becoming a Life-Coach, it has become my mission to get this info out to as many people that need  it. I figured the best way to do that is to offer it here, for free!

What is a Universal Law?

There are some that say that a law isn’t “universal”, unless it covers or encompasses everything in the universe;  such as the law of gravity only has “jurisdiction” so to speak, only here on earth and not on the moon.

There are actually hundreds, if not thousands of different universal “type” laws. Since the universe is unlimited, there may very well be an unlimited number of laws. They are sometimes called Cosmic Laws or General Principles.

Fortunately however, there are only a limited few of these laws that have a direct or indirect bearing on human life and the human condition. These are the laws that we will be concerned with here. If you choose to learn, master and live by these laws, it will be several steps in the right direction of self-mastery.

Once you become a master of self…the world will be your oyster!

Since there seems to be so much confusion, I think we need to come up with a general consensus. I think that the most complete and important listing of universal laws should contain all of the laws that are vital and pertinent to our mind, body and soul or, the “human condition”

Some of the laws may go by several different names, such as the Law of Cause and Effect is the same as, “You reap what you sow” The laws themselves are often referred to as the “Laws of Life,” or Universal Principles also. 

It doesn’t really matter what you call them, what matters is that you understand:

  • Why they were put into place.
  • The vital importance and power of the underlying principles.
  • The ramifications of not being aware of and not utilizing them.
  • How to impliment them properly into your life.

If you choose to, by learning and implementing these laws, you can make any changes in your life that you so desire! Maybe I need to repeat that:

 If you choose to, by learning and implementing these laws, you can make ANY CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU SO DESIRE!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a financial problem, breaking a bad habit, or repairing a failing relationship. How can that be? Let’s go through the bullet points:

  • Why (and by whom) were they put into place?

Most of these laws were put into place by our Creator or, “Source.” Once again, there are many names for our Creator; God, Love, I Am, The Holy One, Infinite Intelligence, Jesus, The Omnipotent, Jehovah, Yaweh, Super-Consciousness, etc. etc. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t really matter what you call it/him/her, what matters is that you understand the underlying principles.

These laws were put into place to help keep the “Natural Order” of the Universe. Also to allow us (humans) to carry out our blessings and directions from God, which were,”To have dominion over and subdue the earth, and to be fruitful and multiply”  (Gen. 1-26, 27, KJV).

Question: Do you think God would give us these blessings and directions empty handed, or without some tools or resources with which to bring it to fruition; or do you think that man is the only being smart enough to figure out that we need some laws to live by, to prevent chaos and mayhem in our lives…?

I hope you know the answer to that one! So, knowing the who (God) and the why (us), should explain the vital importance and power of the underlying principles of these laws. And knowing that, should also invariably explain what the ramifications of not being aware of and not utilizing them in our lives must be and that is of course…chaos and mayhem!

So, now all you need to know is what they are and an explaination on how to impliment them properly into your life.  But, there is a little prep work first.

What These Laws are…and Aren’t

These Laws aren’t typical laws as in civic or man-made laws. You won’t get thrown into jail if you fail to follow them, although you may end up living in a personal prison. You won’t get immediately fined if you ignore them, but you’ll eventually pay a price down the road somehow…trust me on that one!

These laws don’t dictate, they simply define principles with which to live by that have been handed down through the ages. The most amazing and exciting thing though, is that most of these laws have now been scientifically proven to be valid in other areas of  Nature and believe it or not, through mathematics. (See Quantum Theory

You may not fully understand a few of the terms, or definitions at first, but hopefully as you continue to read and become more aware of their deeper meanings and inter-connections, it will all start to make much more sense to you.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there are laws that can be interchanged and there are also a number of what are considered sub-laws  

So, without further ado, here are the 15 universal laws that I think are the most relevant to our human, bio-electro-chemical-frequency-generating nature and a list of synonyms to help you get a better picture:

  1. The Law of LoveGod is “Love” (Nuff said?)
  2. The Law of Attraction Manifestation, Like attracts like
  3. The Law of Vibration – Energy,  frequency, vibe
  4. The Law of Resonance Synchronicity, agreement
  5. The Law of Reciprocity Acceptance, interchange
  6. The Law of Polarity Yin/Yang, Opposites
  7. The Law of Cause and EffectSowing and Reaping 
  8. The Law of Precession Action, momentum
  9. The Law of Growth Evolution
  10. The Law of AbundanceDivine Order
  11. The Law of Soul Purpose You
  12. The Law of One Unity
  13. The Law of Intention Belief, Allowance
  14. The Law of Free Will – Volition, Choice
  15. The Law of Harmony Peace, love, synchronicity, resonance, acceptance, positive vibrations, etc.

As you can see, some of these laws are Spiritually based, some are scientific and others are Natural. Fortunately for me I play the bass guitar, so having some background in how frequencies work and learning that we (humans and everything else) are made up of vibrational energy, or frequencies, I was able to pickup on most of the basics of the scientific (frequency based) universal laws. 

So, I dare say that most of my musician friends will probably be able to pick up those concepts a little quicker than most! Let me know!

How to Impliment them Properly into your Life.

Whether it be from the media, your past, your family, or your peers, adapt a mindset that whatever enters your brain through your five senses, (your consciousness, and also your subconscious mind) that you will “weigh” it with the universal laws.

In other words, whenever you’re faced with a dilemma, decision, or question whether difficult or not, ask yourself: “Does this thing in question in my life, (i.e. purchase, job, sale, action, song, food, conversation, relationship, question, book, movie, etc. etc.) feel good, or bad?

It’s about “trusting your gut” as they say. Does it have a “good vibe?” Does it resonate with me and my beliefs? Is it harmonious with my faith? Is it for the greater good of mankind? Is it something filled with love? Is it something that I want to attract more of? Does it match my purpose, intent, etc. etc…starting to get the picture?

Since it has been proven that thought is the basis of creation, by understanding and utilizing these laws, you can change your mind and thus your circumstances and conditions.

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Let me know if you have any questions.

Peace,                                                                                                                                Ambrose